What it Means to be a CIC

Today's Industry

Today’s insurance and risk management industry is big, complex and full of variation. Each of us has a unique profile of risks and exposures. As you look at options to tailor your coverage to meet your individual present and future needs, you need the assistance of a competent and proven advisor.

Formal Training

My formal training to become a Certified Insurance Counselor includes 100 classroom hours and the successful completion of five comprehensive exams. More than that, I have made a commitment to annually update my knowledge and skills to ensure that you always receive the attention, care and current information to make your coverage decisions.

Mark of Distinction

The CIC designation and pin is a mark of distinction that demonstrates my commitment to professional excellence and leadership in the insurance industry. I am proud to be among 31,500 CICs in the country–the best and most knowledgeable insurance practitioners in the nation.

The National Alliance

With a legacy that began in 1969, The National Alliance is recognized across the nation as the best source for continuing education credits, designation opportunities, and concrete knowledge for insurance and risk management professionals of every experience level.

Today's Industry Formal Training / Mark of Distinction The National Alliance
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