The training that our veterans have received is well suited for having a successful career in the insurance industry.

—Paul Monacelli, CIC, CPIA
CEO, ADP/Statewide Insurance Agency, Inc.
Colonel, U.S. Army Retired

Practical Education for Your Career in Risk Management and Insurance

The Careers for Life Program is open to anyone interested in a career in the risk management and insurance industry. Careers for Life focuses on practical education of military members, veterans, and their families for careers in this industry. Courses accommodate the schedules of active-duty military members, including those anticipating separation, as well as Reservists and National Guard members.

Risk management and insurance is vital to all industries. In 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recognized a growth in the industry of more than 180,000 jobs over ten years. The jobs are there—are you qualified?