Careers for Life can provide you industry knowledge and prepare you for these positions:

Account Manager/CSR

The Account Manager helps build and maintain the client relationship with the agency by providing excellent customer service, which includes professional advice regarding insurance. This customer assistance includes help with claims, billing questions, insurance coverage questions, making changes to the client’s policies, etc. All of this is critical to maintaining the client / agency relationship.

Expected salary between $45,000 to $85,000

Insurance Agent/Producer

Insurance Agents / Producers develop long-term relationships with their clients and are as important to them as their doctor, attorney, accountant etc. Agents/Producers become trusted advisors that the client relies on for their future financial wellbeing. Insurance Agents/Producers typically either work with individuals/families with their personal insurance (auto, home, boat, etc.) or they work with businesses and the specialized insurances they need. Each is a specialized field and profession although it is possible to work in both areas.

Expected salary between $60,000 to $250,000

Risk Manager

Risk managers typically work within organizations to plan, direct, and coordinate risk and insurance programs intended to control financial risks, losses, and liability. Risk Managers help the organization identify exposures and risks associated with those exposures. Once the exposures and risks are identified, the organization can then attempt to prevent and reduce costs associated with losses, and to spread the risk financially over the organization.

Expected salary between $75,000 to $150,000

Claims Adjuster

Insurance Claims Adjusters help people after they have a claim that is covered under their insurance policy. It is the claims adjuster that helps the client after they have a car accident, when they have a fire in their home, when the insured’s business gets robbed, or any one of thousands of scenarios that do happen. It is the role of the Claims Adjusters to put people and their assets back together after an insured’s claim occurs.

Expected salary between $40,000 to $75,000

Insurance Underwriter

Insurance Underwriters typically work for insurance companies or wholesale brokers. They decide which risks (home, business, etc.) to insure. Insurance companies are often private for-profit businesses and consequently they want to insure those individuals/families and businesses that are the best of the best, meaning they are not going to have lots of claims that will take away from the insurance company’s profitability. So it is the underwriter who reviews the applicants for insurance, analyzes the applicants’ exposure to potential risk, determines if they want to insure them or not, and then determine the appropriate price (premium) to charge for the insurance.

Expected salary between $40,000 to $75,000